North West Hip & Knee Clinic

Mr Aslam Mohammed
Consultant Hip & Knee Surgeon

Specialising in:
Lower Limb Arthroplasty & Sports Injury

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wWelcome to the North West Hip & Knee Clinic

Have you been advised to have surgery on your hip and not sure what to do?

Do you have pain in your hip and groin?
You've been told that the X rays do not show any arthritis.
Don't know what to do?

Have you injured your knee and been told there is nothing wrong with it?
But it still lets you down and cannot get back to regular exercise and sport.

Is your hip clicking and giving way? No one is able to tell you what is wrong.

Could you be suitable for a partial knee replacement and it has not been discussed with you?

Do you have unexplained pain in your knee?
Do you need advice on what to do next?

Contact the North West Hip & Knee Clinic
Call 01204 488210
or Email
Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon Mr Aslam Mohammed leading uk hip & knee surgeon
Mr Aslam Mohammed
Hip & Knee Surgeon

wSpecific services include
  • Arthroscopy of hip and knee
  • Joint replacement surgery
  • Joint revision surgery
  • Chondral grafting
  • Meniscal repair
  • Cruciate ligament surgery
  • Complex poly ligament reconstruction
  • Osteotomy of the knee
  • Management of soft tissue injuries of the Hip and Knee

HIP and knee clinic
What's New & Diary
Latest research and developments from Mr Mohammed and at the North West Hip knee clinic.

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