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Labral Tears

Traumatic tears of the labrum are uncommon. The majority of tears of the labrum are a consequence of impingement caused by overgrowth of the acetabular rim (hip socket) called a PINCER lesion. Or the presence of extra bone at the head neck junction of the femur called a CAM lesion.

In the majority of cases there is usually a combined lesion. As there is conflict between the rim of the acetabulum and the head and neck junction the labrum sustains damage overtime and the repetitive activity results in a tear of the labrum.

This then gives rise to deep-seated groin pain and mechanical symptoms with clicking, catching, locking and giving way of the hip.
Discomfort and restriction of hip movements are often present before the onset of acute symptoms of a labral tear.

This situation requires assessment after consultation an examination with investigations which which include radiographs, MRI arthrogram, CT scan with 3-D reconstruction and in addition a diagnostic hip block before considering any surgical intervention (Hip arthroscopy).



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