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Over recent years there has been a great deal of attention focussed on Hip Resurfacing. In this procedure, the acetabulum (socket) is replaced with a metal cup and the femoral head (ball) is contoured so to allow a metal surface replacement to be implanted. This is recommended in young active patients as preserves bone stock (femoral Head and Proximal femur) and use of a metal-on-metal bearing couple should reduce the amount of wear and therefore increase implant survival, using a large head may give better proprioception and stability of the hip joint.

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But the long-term outcome and survivorship of the implants is under observation, in addition to which the wear debris produces metal ions which are taken up by various systems in the body. This has caused high levels of (cobalt and chromium) metal ions in the blood.

These metal ions in high concentration have been linked to some forms of cancer (particularly lymphomas and leukaemias). Although there is no proof that the risk of these cancers is increased in patients with hip resurfacing, these findings have caused concern amongst orthopaedic surgeons.

Hip resurfacing patients are at the risk of femoral neck fracture in 1-3% of cases these usually occur in the first 3 to 6 months requiring revision surgery. Recovery following is very similar to that after conventional hip replacement.


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