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sThrust Plate Prothesis Hip Replacement (TTP)

In situations not suitable for resurfacing because of collapse of the femoral head as in AVN (avascular necrosis) Mr Aslam Mohammed is able to perform a bone preserving hip replacement called a Thrust Plate Prosthesis (TPP). He has been doing this procedure for over 20 years in specific cases, with excellent results and outcomes.

Osteoarthritis of hip not suitable for resurfacing
Thrust plate prosthesis (TPP) metal on metal bearing
Osteoarthritis of hip
not suitable for resurfacing
Thrust plate prosthesis (TPP)
metal on metal bearing.

hip replacements Conventional hip replacement
Majority of patient undergo this procedure with a metal on plastic (Ultra High Density Polyethylene UHDP) bearing surface. But in specific individual situations the most appropriate bearing is used, with being ceramic head on UHDP, ceramic on ceramic and metal on metal.

Dysplastic hip with advanced arthritis
Cemented hip replacement metal
on UHDP bearing
hip replacements Rehabilitation

The physiotherapists will assist patients in mobilising after the operation and will supervise an exercise programme. It is extremely important that patients follow this exercise programme and take the necessary precautions with their new hip.Patients can usually return to work after 8-12 weeks although this period may be longer for heavy manual work. By three months most patients can participate in low impact sports such as golf, bowls, cycling and swimming.

The majority of patients experience significant benefits following hip replacement:
  • Marked reduction in hip and groin pain
  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Return to activities of normal daily living
  • Ability to undertake low impact exercise and sports
  • Sleep not being disturbed by pain
  • Improvement muscle strength  and improvement in overall function
  • Less or no limping
  • Years of reliable function


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