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Welcome to the North West Hip & Knee Clinic where we aim to provide an individualised service offering a range of treatment options to our patients with hip and knee problems.

These include non-surgical and surgical treatment options. All patients who need surgery are given a detailed explanation of all the options available for them together with advice on the treatment(s) that are best indicated for their individual case.

This website is provided for information only. The information on this site should not be substituted for professional medical care by your GP or Specialist. Always check with your Doctor if you are worried about your condition or treatment.

• Have you been advised to have surgery on your hip and not sure what to do?

• Do you have pain in your hip and groin?

• You've been told that the X rays do not show any arthritis and Don't know what to do?

• Have you injured your knee and been told there is nothing wrong with it? But it still lets you down and cannot get back to regular exercise and sport.

• Is your hip clicking and giving way? No one is able to tell you what is wrong.

• Could you be suitable for a partial knee replacement and it has not been discussed with you?

Do you need advice on what to do next?.

Mr Aslam Mohammed
MB, BCh, FRCS (Eng), FRCS (Tr & Orth)
Consultant Hip and Knee Surgeon

Why Choose The North West Hip & Knee Clinic

Mr Aslam Mohammed is a leading, trusted and highly experienced Sports Injury and Arthroplasty Surgeon who has been a Consultant at the world - renowned Wrightington Hospital for Joint Disease for over 25 years. His practice concentrates exclusively on hip and knee joint problems.

He dedicates a considerable amount of his time providing opinions on complex cases to his colleagues and to patients requiring a second opinion.

Mr Aslam Mohammed maintains his level of expertise at the forefront of hip and knee surgery by being involved in multi-centre research studies, teaching as a member of the faculty on national and international conferences and he has the privilege of training future orthopaedic surgeons, including local trainees and international fellows.

He concentrates on teaching good surgical decision making and planning along with meticulous surgical technique in performing the surgery to achieve the best possible outcomes.

A dedicated and highly skilled team work with Mr Aslam Mohammed to achieve the very best experience and outcome for each patient with their treatment. His team have been working together with him for over 15 years.

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covid update on hip and knee clinic

Mr Aslam Mohammed and his team at the North West Hip And Knee Clinic are committed to protecting the health of his patients, staff and visitors to his clinics.

In light of the Coronavirus outbreak, Mr Aslam Mohammed is also able to offer remote telephone and video consultations. Telephone and video consultations are an excellent communication tool to use for musculoskeletal pain, hip and knee problems.

If you would like to arrange a telephone, either as a new or follow-up appointment, please phone 01204 488210


Remote consultations cannot clearly replace a face-to-face consultation, where a clinical examination can be undertaken.

 However, in these uncertain times, taking these limitations into consideration, we at the North West Hip and Knee Clinic feel that we can continue to provide our usual high standard of care.

Most of the insurers will fund these appointments as a face-to-face consultation.

North West Hip & Knee Clinic
Mr Aslam Mohammed
NJR 36 Month Practice Profile
Hip Primary - Mr Aslam Mohammed
Hip Primary National Average
Knee Primary - Total Knee Replacement - Mr Aslam Mohammed
Knee Primary - Total Knee Replacement National Average
National Joint Registry

- Mr Aslam Mohammed's NJR surgeon & hospital full profile
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National Joint Resistery - Profile - Consultant Hip Knee Surgeon Mr Aslam Mohammed

Highly Experienced and Dedicated
Mr Aslam Mohammed is one of the leading and highly experienced hip and knee consultant surgeons in the UK with over 25 years of experience in the treatment of hip and knee conditions.

His aim is to provide a high-quality service, using the latest proven surgical techniques and implants to give the best long-term outcomes.
An exceptional track record in helping high-level sports people
Do you have a sports injury ?
Hip Injuries

Symptoms: Pain in the groin and around the hip with radiation into the buttocks, leg and knee. Pain reproduced specific activity and actions.

Mechanical symptoms include catching, clicking and giving way. Again made worse with activity and exercise. Sleep disturbance?. Mr Mohammed has a vast experience and expertise in hip arthroscopy to treat hip pathology, particularly femoro-acetabular impingement (FAI) and labral surgery.

Knee Injuries

Symptoms: Knee pain at rest, worse with exercise, activity and weight bearing. Catching and clicking, locking (not being able to straighten the knee joint), a feeling of giving way of the knee on twisting, turning and change of direction.

Swelling of the knee, night pain, stiffness and grating especially behind the knee cap. Overall loss of confidence in the knee to perform any strenuous activity and exercise.

Extensive Experience

Mr Aslam Mohammed has extensive experience in treating knee problems in high-level athletes and those involved in sport at a recreational level for over 25 years.

He has developed techniques and instruments as well fixation devices for ligament construction. He utilises techniques and procedures to optimise the surgery and outcomes for his patients

Excellent Clinical Outcomes
In the treatment of hip and knee conditions
knee treatment clinics in london manchester and lancashire

Do you have pain in your hip and groin?

Is your hip clicking and giving way?

Have you been told that the x-rays don’t show any arthritis?

Don't know what to do?


Mr Aslam Mohammed consultant knee surgeon provides a range of treatments for knee conditions - image painful knee

Have you injured your knee but been told there’s nothing wrong?
Does it still let you down and you can’t get back to regular exercise?


Could you be suitable for a partial knee replacement and it hasn’t been discussed with you?

image hip and knee sports injuries clinics in london manchester and lancashire with mr aslam mohammed consultant hip and knee surgeon specilising in the treatment of lower limb injuries

Have you suffered an acute injury or event and the symptoms won’t settle?
Or pain that has come over a period of time with repetitive activity?

Are your symptoms getting worse?


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